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The forbidden men ... in Las Vegas As creator and producer of “Uncensored International Show, The forbidden men ... in Las Vegas”, Omar Suárez has the vision of presenting a show for adult audiences, mainly women, which highlights the presence of male models on stage, starring in an Sexy and Sensual but rened show, daring but tasteful, wild but spectacular. Omar Suárez is based on his experience as a producer and theater director to establish a monumental stage with lights, sound and special efects with a dream setting to recreate the fantasies of women from anywhere in the world. Participating models are selected based on a high physical prole combined with a talent that makes it even more attractive. They will be dressed with exclusive designs from the production of Omar Suárez that highlight and accentuate their physical attributes. All these elements make “Uncensored International Show, The forbidden men ... in Las Vegas” a diferent show than the current erotic billboard in Las Vegas, where we everybody wins: the viewer will get a show of higher quality, at the same cost of an average show. We win, because they will return again and again.


Omar Suárez created the concept and production of this show in 2014. This show has been one of the most spectacular considering its great production and the talent involved in the program. More than 100,000 people enjoyed it. Uncensored, the show featured 12 famous artists from Mexico and Latin America, with an international career. This is the most amazing show compared to any men's show; as a producer, Omar was very careful with every detail. Uncensored, the show was on tour in Mexico for a year from 2014 to 2015. Currently Omar has several shows that are touring throughout the United States. Today Unsencored, the show, has recreated the concept, turning it into an international show with talented dancers and actors from around the world. This production is ready to start a great season in Las Vegas.